Pre/Post Construction Surveys

Did you know? You are legally required to notify your local authority, of any activity that may affect the drains or private sewer works.

What are the Benefits of Pre and Post Construction Surveys?

Pre and post construction surveys are conducted before a building project begins and also once it is at the point of completion and final approval.

Pre-construction survey

A pre-construction survey involves inspecting the entire building site and visually identifying any points of concern with the structure, drains, finish or build. It identifies these issues as being pre-existing and therefore not caused by the construction work about to take place. This is particularly important on a site where there is already any existing building that has being redeveloped or added to, as it will pinpoint issues such as structural settlement or roof and exterior damage. A pre-construction survey serves to protect both the property owner and the builder.

For both sides of a construction project, a pre-construction survey gets them started on level ground and helps make the process more transparent. If a new property is going up, a pre-construction survey will present locations and marks for building and provide overall estimations and evaluations.

In the event that an existing building is being substantially renovated or expanded, a thorough pre-construction survey will note every crack in the foundation or walls, other necessary repairs, and even the condition of the drains, sewers and pipes in and around the site. After all, they may be affected by other construction work and even the associated vibration from operating equipment.

Findings from the pre-construction survey will then be compiled into a report that includes a project's main purpose, any related architectural or structural drawings that have been reviewed for it, all relevant measurements taken, a list of items observed and details of anywhere that has shown signs of damage or distress.

If it's relevant, many surveyors will also provide details of remedial work necessary to address faults, plus a quote for completion of the work. Pre-construction surveys are typically supplemented with photo and/or video referencing for the sake of clarity and full disclosure.

Post-construction surveys

Once building work is coming to an end, it's equally important to conduct a post-construction survey. Essentially, post-construction surveys are carried out to establish whether any new faults or distress to the site have occurred as a result of the building activities. Despite best intentions, it is possible for pipes to be filled with debris or other damage to occur once one trade has finished their task and the next has stepped in to do theirs.

Post-construction surveys are based on their pre-construction counterparts to establish "as built" conditions. They assess final position and adequacy of all work completed, compute any remaining payments and verify that all work was finished according to plan. They establish a point at which to base project completion and begin a new home warranty programme.


Post construction CCTV drain surveys

Drain CCTV inspections are an integral part of the survey as they provide evidence that no debris or dust was left blocking the drains and that the inner surface of the drain system was left in good condition without faults or breaks.

Both builders and buyers will benefit from having the surveys conducted, for the ultimate sense of clarity and trust in what can be a lengthy and complicated project.

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