Drain Cleaning


In the fast pace business world we live in, the impact of blocked or damaged drains can have devastating affect on any place of work.

Regardless of what line of business or service an organisation may provide, the implications of blocked drains very often can lead to closure, or disruption to the day to day operation.

In turn this has can lead to financial loss and crucially impact on the service you provide.

At Aimrange our   24 /7 operation means we are always available to attend site promptly, identify the cause, and most importantly clear your drain blockage, and allow your organisation to get back to your core activity with the minimal disruption.

Aimrange Identify, report and resolve the problem fast, and with our unique “satisfaction certificate” provide a completion report , providing you with peace of mind that Aim Range has solved your drainage problem.

Drains can be blocked for many reasons; our first priority is to identify the cause. To enable this Aimrange utilise the very latest technology in CCTV cameras. Our WTI approved team complete all surveys on site with Flexidate or Wincan reporting software.

This will not only identify the source of the problem, but will also allow our team to provide an instant image of any structural damage, or problems with the drain, such as tree root intrusion.

Once we are completely satisfied with the cause, we will provide you with a professional diagnosis of what is the most cost effective solution to suit your needs.

Aimrange is so uniquely positioned with our vast experience to always provide the best possible solution.

In the majority of cases Aimrange will unblock and clean your drains with a high pressure jet wash unit.

Where the problem is more serious, for example, root intrusion has damaged the drain, our experienced highly trained team will provide a full report outlining what repairs may need carrying out.

We once more draw our vast experience and highly qualified team to use special cutting equipment to cut away the roots and clear the drain.

Aimrange then provides a full range of services, to repair the drain as required, whether it is lining or repair we always work closely with you for a speedy and effective fix to your drains.


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